12 February 2018

color//colour yellow

monday's yellow

monday's yellow 
was also monday's blue 
(thus, completely serendipitous)

tuesday's yellow

tuesday's yellow
was totally february's wishful thinking

wednesday's yellow

wednesday's yellow 
was wednesday's gold
and indiana's cold 
and the open field across the street from the motel just off the interstate 
where we stayed while we said goodbye to someone we loved

thursday's yellow

thursday's yellow
was what felt like every spine of every national geographic magazine, ever
in the world

friday's yellow

friday's yellow
was the promise of a return to new york
and the scent of honey roasted peanuts 

saturday's yellow

saturday's yellow
was an unexpected love 
for tubing the color of sunshine

next up: R E D

(more color//colour lovers project info here)

04 February 2018

color//colour blue

monday's blue

monday's blue
was found at the corner of memorial and boulevard

tuesday's blue

tuesday's blue
was found in ava's room

wednesday's blue

wednesday's blue
was a gem from nola times

thursday's blue

thursday's blue
was a gem from mountain times

friday's blue

friday's blue
was friday's optimism

saturday's blue

saturday's blue
was saturday's mood

next up: yellow yellow yellow

(project info here)

28 January 2018

five, five and five

five colors, five weeks, in celebration of five years of color collecting our way through the infinite depths of winter. 

color//colour lovers (that yearly labor of collaborative color love between myself and the ever-ebullient xanthe) is on its fifth go round and every year I think maybe we're finished, maybe the project has run its course, but then, sometime around the middle of january, I hear the color calling. inevitably, an email lands in my box, or one in xanthe's, with a familiar subject line: fancy another color//colour lovers go round? 

and, who I am to say no? when color calls, I answer. every time. 

should you hear the color calling, should you find yourself wanting to answer, the invitation is open, always, to play along-- hunt color, wear color, eat color, shoot color, seek color, share color, share it wherever, whenever, here, there, everywhere. line-up as follows:

monday, january 29th-- blue
monday, february 5th-- yellow
monday, february 12th-- red
monday, february 19th-- green
monday, february 26th-- pink

(find us here, there, everywhere-- blogs, instagrams, tumblr, yada yada yada-- and before you know it, we'll be swimming in color, all of us)

30 November 2017

more is more

I like it here. I like the quiet, I like how every draft feels like a fresh piece of paper. I'd like to keep showing up here with words and photographs, I'd like to maintain the flow. I don't know if I'll be able to, but I'm going to try. I don't want to be known for my ebb. would rather be remembered for my flow.

I know I'll look back at these entries in five or ten (or even twenty) years and see myself through a terrifically specific lens and I'll be grateful for it. I think my children will too. 

thank you kindly for reading, friends. onward and upward! december, she waits. 

29 November 2017

this time last year

november 2016's sixty second photograph and if I've learned anything at all in life, it's to keep the words 'thank you' on mindful repeat. thank you, thank you, thank you.

(music by my favorite, mr. moses sumney)

28 November 2017


26th street fleamarket// new york city// may 2016

rose festival city fair photobooths// portland, oregon// june 2009

junk shop// decatur street// new orleans// september 2014

my bathroom mirror// portland, oregon// 11/11/11

madrona motor court inn// avenue of the giants highway 101// phillipsville, california// june 2014

bollywood theater// portland, oregon// october 2015

16 to savannah, georgia//september 2017

oregon state line// cross country move// march 2007

howard finster's paradise garden// summerville, georgia// march 2015

wigwam village motel// cave city, kentucky// august 2010

wigwam village motel// cave city, kentucky// june 2017

rasmussen farm// hood river, oregon// october 2009

flutter// mississippi street// portland, oregon// january 2010

99-W drive-in concession stand// newberg, oregon// september 2013

amy's bathroom mirror// portland, oregon// september 2010

victoria's bathroom mirror// san francisco// october 2010

26th street fleamarket// new york city// may 2016

union station// portland, oregon// january 2011

lakewood fleamarket// atlanta, georgia// september 2005

27 November 2017

yet absolutely, exactly, there

"it's a pleasure for me. the process of photographing. being physically in the world, eyes open, attentive, sensing, and at some point, connecting. to be in the world and of the world. to be, at the same time, out of your head, yet absolutely, exactly, there. it's thrilling when your eyes get ahead of your brain."

-henry wessel

26 November 2017

puffy vests and garnet rings and sunsets

my friend tracy lost her mom this week, unexpectedly. I cried when I heard, could feel the heartbreak one hundred times over.

today, she wrote something really beautiful.

beautiful because it comes from a deeply brave and honest place, but also because it comes from a deeply painful, nearly unthinkable place. I love her for writing it. I know how hard it was. I wish I didn't, but I do. I know. 

tracy, your mom would have been so proud. you will see her in every wide open sky, every technicolor sunset, she will show up again and again in the most unexpected places. I know this to be true. I do.